Diane Schuur & the Count Basie Orchestra (1987)

Diane Schuur et le Count Basie Orchestra dirigé par Frank Foster, le 25 février 1987 aux A & M Studios (Hollywood).

  • Splanky
  • I just found out about love
  • Until I met you
  • Travelin'light
  • Travelin'blues
  • Only you
  • A touch of your love
  • I love you porgy
  • You can have it
  • We'll be together again
  • Everyday I have the blues
  • Climbing higher mountains
  • Deedle's blues
  • Jumpin at the woodside

Vocal: Diane Schuur
Direction, saxophone ténor: Frank Foster
Saxophones: Kenny Hing (ts), Eric Dixon (ts), Danny House (as), Danny Turner (as), John Williams (bs)
Trompettes: Sonny Cohn, Melton Mustapha, Bob Ojeda, Byron Stripling
Trombones: Clarence Banks, Bill Hughes, Melvin Wanzo, Dennis Wilson
Guitare: Freedie Green
Basse: Lynn Seaton
Batterie: Dennis Mackrel

Ceci est la dernière apparition en public de Frederic William Green, dit Freddie Green (Charleston 31 mars 1911 - Las Vegas 1er mars 1987)