The Presidential Suite: Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (2014)

Le Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra interprète The Presidential Suite, composée et dirigée par Ted Nash, au Rose Theater de New York.


  • Introduction to 'The Presidential Suite'
  • Part I: John F. Kennedy ("Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You")
  • Part II: Jawaharlal Nehru ("Tryst With Destiny")
  • Part III: Winston Churchill ("We Shall Fight on the Beaches")
  • Part IV: Franklin D. Roosevelt ("The Four Freedoms")
  • Part V: Aung San Suu Kyi ("Freedom From Fear")
  • Part VI: Ronald Reagan ("Tear Down This Wall")
  • Part VII: Lyndon B. Johnson ("The American Promise")
  • Part VIII: Nelson Mandela ("The Time for the Healing of the Wounds Has Come")

Direction, composition, arrangements: Ted Nash
Trompettes: Ryan Kisor, Kenny Rampton, Marcus Printup, Greg Gisbert
Trombone: Vincent Gardner, Chris Crenshaw, Elliot Mason
Saxophones, Flûtes, Clarinettes: Sherman Irby, Ted Nash, Victor Goines, Walter Blanding, Paul Nedzela
Piano: Dan Nimmer
Basse: Carlos Henriquez
Batterie: Ali Jackson