Stan Kenton Big Band (1977)

Stan Kenton and his Orchestra - Leisure Lodge Ontario en 1977

  • Send In The Clowns
  • Inner Crisis
  • Body And Soul
  • Love For Sale
  • My Old Flame
  • Interlude
  • Artistry In Rhythm
  • Terry Talk

Direction, piano: Stan Kenton Trompettes: Jay Sollenbeger, Chuck Schmidt, Steve Campos, Clay Jenkins, Bob Doll
Trombones: Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon, Denny Brunk, Allen Morrissey, AG Robeson
Saxophones: Michael Bard, Roy Reynolds, Gary Clinton, Alan Yankee, Greg Metcalf
Basse: John Worster
Batterie: Gary Hobbs
Percussions: Ramon Lopez