Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band (1968)

Dizzy Gillespie Reunion Big Band au Newport Jazz Festival en 1968.

  • Birks Works
  • Things To Come
  • Milan Is Love
  • Con Alma

Direction, trompette: Dizzy Gillespie
Trompettes: Dizzy Reece, Jimmy Owens, Stu Haimer, Victor Paz
Trombones: Curtis Fuller, Ted Kelly, Tom McIntosh
Saxophones: Cecil Payne, Chris Woods, James Moody, Paul Jeffrey, Sahib Shihab
Piano: Mike Longo
Basse: Paul West
Batterie: Candy Finch


  1. Thanks for posting this brilliant video. I've translated & embedded your post in my swingin' blog. The article is of course linked to yours:


    By the way: Do you know the exact order of tracks as they played them in Berlin?

  2. Thanks Bruno for embedding my post. You have a great blog.
    Unfortunately I have no information on the tracks played (number, order, ...)

  3. I've compiled a CD-twofer from various sources, but the files got lost somehow, and so I can't restore it.

    Okay, I will have to go through the effort again, and tell you about the result later on.

    By the way, Polydor has released a (very short!) CD-reissue of the "LP" with parts of the Berlin concert in 1995. Yours truly wrote the new liners.

    Feel free to leave me your e-mail address via the moderated comment section at my blog, and I will send you the scans in case you'd be interested.

  4. Le concert est de nouveau disponible :).

    Les précédentes vidéos avaient été retirées suite à une fermeture d'un compte YouTube.


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