dimanche 5 décembre 2010

Stan Kenton & his orchestra (1974)

Stan Kenton & his orchestra enregistré en 1974 en Angleterre.

  • Also sprach Zaratustra
  • Peanut vendor
  • Blues between and betwixt
  • Ramon Lopez
  • Artistry in Rhythm
  • Body and Soul
  • What are you doing the rest of your live

Direction, piano: Stan Kenton
Trompettes: Paul Adamson, Michael Barrowman, Dennis Noday, Gary Pack, Mike Snustead
Trombones: Dale Devoe, Bill Hartman, Dick Shearer, Lloyd Spoon, Mike Wallace
Saxophones: Kim Childers, Mary Fettig, John Park, Roy Reynolds, Richard Torres
Basse: Kerby Stewart
Batterie: Peter Erskine
Percussions: Ramon Lopez

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