Clark Terry big BAD band (1978)

Clark Terry Big BAD Band à Lugano (Suisse) en 1978.

  • Tee Pee Time
  • Jeep's Blues
  • Sheba
  • ???
  • Just Squeeze Me
  • Shell Game
  • Everybody's Blues
  • On The Trail
  • Here's That Rainy Day
  • ???
  • Mumbles

Direction, trompette, bugle, vocal: Clark Terry
Saxophones: Bill Saxton (ts), Charles Williams (as), Chris Woods (as), Hermann Bell (ts), Charles Davis (bs)
Trompettes: Greg Bobulinski, Mike Vax, Willy Singleton, Willy Cook
Trombones: John Gordon, Sonny Costanzo, Dee-Dee Shirley, Chuck Connors
Piano: Hilton Ruiz
Basse: Victor Sproles
Batterie: Ed Soph