Phil Woods Big Band (1998-Vienne)

Phil Woods Big Band au festival de Vienne en 1998 (le 6 juillet).


  • Reet's Neet
  • Banja Luka
  • Goodbye Mr Evans
  • Etoile Y'all
  • Summer Night (rhythm section only)
  • Repetition
  • How's Your Mama ? (Phil's Theme)
  • All Bird's Children

Direction, saxophone alto: Phil Woods
Saxophones: George Robert, Jesse Heckman, Tom Hamilton, Lew Del Gatto, Jim Buckley
Trompettes: Ken Brader III, Brian Lynch, Paul Merrill, Patrick Dorian
Trombones: Jeff Galindo, Evan Dobbins, Kevin Haines, Jim Daniels (btb)
Piano: Bill Charlap
Basse: Steve Gilmore
Batterie: Bill Goodwin
Percussions: Ed Hudak

Thanks to Patrick Dorian who sent me the following information:

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